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Howdy Guys!!!

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. I know I haven't update my blog for how many months. *cries*. I'm so sorry, life has been so good and pretty busy. No worries I'm back, and ready to do more adventures. If you have notice I change my blog name from Ai Capture Memories to Simply Vanessa. Hmm.. Let's just save the talk for my next post or vlog. Yep! I'm also now active on youtube. So please do visit my channel here!. I haven't made a channel name I'm just using my name. Maybe, later on I'll be able to come up with a good name for my channel. So much for that. Let's begin from where we left hanging.

So, after we visited Basilica del Santo Niño, we first satisfy our craving and had lunch at our favorite fast food chain no other than Jollibee. Right after we immediately went to our goal place which the newly opened mall in the city, the SM Seaside. Apparently one of the largest mall in the Philippines. As I mention before we occasionally go to Cebu so we decided to extend our stay and decide to roam around the mall.

We both enjoyed watching people at the skating ring and off course some pop corns. Probably the only snacks we had while we where there. My cousin tried different arcade games. While I was busy looking for some kawaii stuff like stationeries and clothes. Though, I honestly cannot afford them because it's too pricey for someone like me. I'm freaking broke. (T_T)

My favorite part of the mall is the roof deck. I can have 360 degree view of the city. Which is freaking awesome.


That's if for now. Thanks for reading my blog.


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Before I started with my new work, I had a chance to go on a road trip with my family for the first time this 2016. It was planned since last year but we didn't have a chance because they are very busy with their business.
Time flies so fast that March is almost coming to an end.  I badly miss blogging so much , just want to write and read blogs that takes away my stress and inspires me to do my best. Right now I'm focusing on my new work until hopefully I could make it to the end of my contract. This means I wont be able to update my blog regularly. Especially right now that my laptop, camera and phone is dead. (T_T) But I will do my best to update during my day off. Thanks to my cousins for allowing me to use their gadgets.

Anyways, I have a lot of things that I want to share with you and I'm starting with how we spent New Year. It's like a tradition to us that we spend Christmas and New Year together with my family. So  we went to the beach to spend New Year with our other relatives.

Hey guys! I know I been missing in action for more than a month already. Just to let you know I'm still alive and kicking. Its just a lot of things had happen and that includes getting a new job. How I wish I could share it here but I can't as of the moment. I'm having hard time adjusting especially my time. Since I have to work 6 days a week and most of the days I have to work overtime, a one day day-off is not enough for me. I mean maybe because I'm not use to this kind of environment but I kinda enjoy it as days go. I still have a long way to go and hopefully I could survive until my contract ends.

Before November ends, my family and I went to Medellin it's in the Northern part and almost the end of the Island of Cebu. I'm not sure how long will it takes for you to go there from the Main City of Cebu. In our case we live in the South - Toledo City to be exact it took us more or less 3 hours to get there and we have two options (1.) we take the road going to the  main City all the way to the north or (2.) we take the road going to Balamban-Tuburan-Tabuelan. Honestly, you might find this post a bit confusing as much as I want to tell you the whole details on how to get there[ travel blogger attempts fails... hahaha].

This is the last part of my adventures with Vianna last October 2015. After we visited Cafe Tiala we headed back to ARCH Con's venue which is in Talisay. We watch the last part of the program which is the Solo Cosplay Competition.
Let's Wear Hanbok at Cafe Tiala |

Let's start 2016 with some Kawaii Vibes and a throwback post! As some of you know Vianna visited Cebu last October 2015 for ARCH Con Cebu. She is actually a blogger from Ormor. We meet each other online and eventually become friends after exchanging blog comments and messages on facebook.

Hello my lovely reader/s!

In a few hours we will say goodbye to the year 2015 and welcome the year 2016. I been to a lot this year just like most of you. This has been an amazing journey even if I may say I been to rough times. I'm still grateful for everything that happened.

One day till Christmas and I know most of us are very exited. I'm really looking forward for Noche Buena later tonight with my family and off course the gifts. Hi to my ninangs ! Haha

I was caught between two different events last Saturday. The first event was Cebu Bloggers Summit which was organize by Cebu Blogging Community and the second one is Cebu's first ever Toys and Figures Convention.

Hello my love! I apologize for the lack of updates. Anyhow, last week I finally receive the cutest box ever from Kawaii Box. Last month I sign up for their Affiliate Program and luckily they also pick me to do a review for their October box. For those who do not know about Kawaii Box

Konbanwa from Cebu!

Finally electricity is back and I can now write my 3rd Sunday Currently. But before I ran out of battery earlier I was able to finish editing my new vlogs here and here. Though the video quality didn't give justice but I had fun editing and learning a new ways to improve my video editing skills.

ARCH Con 2015 | Day 2 |

Happy Sunday Minna! I don't feel like writing for my third Sunday Currently this time. I been thinking of the same thing all over again which ends up to negative thoughts. Huhuhu. It's draining my creative juices. And I don't want any negative vibe here anymore.
I been looking forward for this day ever since last year. Where anime otaku, cosplayers, gamers, artist and hobbyist are gathered together in one of  Cebu's biggest convention. All I can say is ARCH Con was a blast! This year mark my third year in attending ARCH Con but I still have this unexplainable excitement. ARCH Con stand for Animation, Role-playing, Comics and Hobbies Convention. And for the first time in ARCH Con history (and I think in Cebu Convention) to have a two day event. They also change this years venue to South Town Center in Talisay, on the way to south which makes it very convenient for me.

ARCH Con 2015 | Day 1 |

I made a promise to myself to do more style/fashion post here but I always end up writing about food. This post is not an exception to it. Before my birthday I went to the City to take care of some of my responsibilities. I was not planning to go there in the first place but I just had too. It was a boring afternoon while I was waiting inline, I was scrolling on my facebook and my friend posted something. She was craving for food. So I invited her to meet me also to treat her for my birthday in advance.

Last week was ARCH Con Cebu and I'm one of the invited bloggers to cover the event. That is why I was not able to write my second Sunday Currently. Which makes this post my second Sunday currently post. My first Sunday Currently sounds so depressing and negative to others. I was missing someone badly that time, all I can think of is the negativity of life. And I'm grateful that their is someone who always reminds me how to be positive.

Life Lately 2015 [ July, August, September ]

Honestly, I'm not really good with introductions. Just like this post, I don't know how to start or what to write. All I know is October has been a wonderful month to me. 

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